We’ve been designing and making jewellery here at leSoleil for 43 years. We’ve also been reworking old gold and offering refining services for 43 years. These well established skill sets made for happy circumstances when it came to putting together this extraordinary necklace in late 2018. Our client arrived from Saanich with virtually all of the material required to build it, including the four gorgeous black Tahitian pearls and myriad of small diamonds. Because she only had to pay for the labour and a small amount of pure gold to refresh her old metal, the price she paid was a mere fraction of its replacement cost. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to design and construct this showpiece. Our client was equally delighted! Well-deserved recognition here to our stone setter, Thomas Heys, carver Sid Harris, refiner Ben Friesen, and Charles ”Caster Extraordinaire” Knighton who all played key roles in this project. Alas, Kym Hill, designer/goldsmith and owner of leSoleil Jewellers, is forbidden from bragging about herself on the company website.