Can I recycle my old gold into new jewellery?

The short answer is YES…and we can reset your old gems too! We work with old gold all the time here at Le Soleil. The yield will depend on your material, of course. Some gold can be used directly, some must be refined before it can be reused. We can assess your material with a simple examination, so bring it down to the shop to ascertain what you have on hand. Regardless of the type of goods, we pride ourselves in giving you a fair return for your treasure. 

Is all sterling silver made with the same ingredients?

Not any more! Since ancient times we have been enjoying the choices that result from combining gold with various alloys while sterling silver blending remained virtually unchanged for centuries. Now, because of the discovery made by a British University professor, we finally have a new alloying recipe and a sterling silver quite different than the traditional. This new product, named Argentium, is gentler on the environment during production, is easier to work with at the jewellers bench, is harder and more durable when finished and (this is my favorite feature) it is highly tarnish resistant.

We've been using this new material around the shop for about 10 years now. At first we found it a bit quirky to use but as we learned how to work it we became increasingly impressed by its properties and durability. The price of Argentium is a bit higher than traditional sterling but still very reasonable when you consider that this precious metal has many of the qualities one seeks from white gold and platinum.

Le Soleil keeps a good stockpile of Argentium sterling silver in stock and we offer it as an alternative to the traditional sterling blend.

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