The Process

Most people buy their jewellery from a store in a mall. Most  folks are okay with mass produced work until they encounter a shop that does  original work on site. Le Soleil exists to provide you with this alternative.

We take pride in providing excellence in both product and service. We make it our job to listen and respond to our client's needs. We aim to exceed your expectations. We're not satisfied until you are overjoyed!

Within our workshop, we employ a variety of methods to achieve this end. Owner Kym Hill, with client input and instruction, is directly involved in the design, selection of materials and final detailing and finishing as well as in key stages of the casting, setting and goldsmithing. She coordinates and oversees the team of specialists who work all other stages of the manufacture that dovetails with consultation and feedback sessions with her clients.

The Le Soleil team  have been chosen for their high level of expertise in the various stages of the jewellery making process. All are dedicated to the creation of finely crafted pieces that bring lasting satisfaction to the customer.

These specialists include: lapidarists Rogerio Gracia and Gerry Vaulkhard, who provide and cut stones to exact specifications; master carver Sid Harris, who has been working with Le Soleil for over 30 years ( Sid oftens works with Kym to create a 3 dimensional wax model of the piece for viewing by clients prior to creation of the final product.) ; and Thomas Heys, Jurgen Sauer and  Dan Ross,  highly skilled goldsmiths who each bring decades of experience to the workbench. Le Soleil is also proud to announce apprentice goldsmith Selena Bondoc's steady advancement of skills. Selena is now midway through her second year of training in our workshop.


Kym, William, Selena