Our Founder

It could be said that Le Soleil's founder Kym Hill started her jewellery career at age ten, when she took up embellishing the margins of her school workbooks with miniature decorations. The simple doodling became increasingly complex and eventually received more attention than the study work that they bordered.

When given an opportunity to visit a home where a silversmith had set up shop, Kym's interest in jewellery-making awoke. She became determined to pursue the vocation and in her mid-teens she began in an apprenticeship in the trade. When it became apparent that her interest in creating beautiful minutiae had found an excellent practical application, things quickly progressed. In late 1976 Hill incorporated her new enterprise as "Le Nouveau Soleil Creations Ltd." and opened a retail outlet, Le Soleil Jewellers, in downtown Victoria.

Since that time, Kym's perceptive nature and exceptional talent for design has been demonstrated in abundance. In the present tense, it can be said that her ability to create beautiful work intrinsically connected with customers' specific desires and instructions is unsurpassed.